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Dr. Jeannie R. Lett & Frank Lett


Hello, I'm Dr. Jeannie R Lett, the founder, and co-owner of Just Cupcakes, LLC. By day I am a 22-year educator that began my career as a secondary math teacher. I have served the children of public education in a variety of positions including teacher, Instructional Coach, Assistant Principal, Principal, and District Coordinator. However, although I am a life long educator, my most satisfying passion is baking. I love to bake in my spare time. I always try to make sure the cupcake lovers get that 'Flavor'!

My Inspiration...

For many, many years my Grandma Nell baked cakes for our annual family Christmas dinner. Every year all of the kids, grandkids, cousins, great-grandkids, and friends gathered at my grandparent's house to celebrate the holidays and we all looked forward to the food; especially all of the homemade cakes and pies. Every cake and pie was fresh, moist, and delicious. The same qualities that I try to ensure in every Just Cupcakes product today. Needless to say, I had my favorites, nut cake and $1M pie, just like everyone else; but for me, this became more than a love for the cakes, it became a new passion. I wanted to learn to bake. So with my mom's help and my grandma's recipes, I found a new love- baking. 

And that is where my inspiration comes from, my Grandma Nell (RIH), and where the vision for Just Cupcakes! comes from. 

I am Frank Lett, the co-founder and proud husband of Jeannie. I am a 21- year Army veteran and we have six children. This all started with Jeannie's love for baking and my desire to support her. She has a gift and  I am determined to get her cupcakes in hands of as many people as possible. I love her and I love her cupcakes!

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